Anonymous asked:

As a supreme shitlord, in what order should my privileges be checked in order to maximize efficiency? My known privileges: human, American, male, white, masculine, binary, cis, hetero, adult, rich, tall, thin, huge healthy cock when erect, monosexual, non-virgin, able-bodied, monogamous, Christian, native English speaker, and non-autistic. Thanks!

huge healthy cock when erect

We’ll need to verify this. Where’s /u/Patriarchyinspector when you need xyr?

Anonymous asked:

I have a confession to make. I rape because I politely smile at the woman who runs the cash register at the gas station I get my drinks and smokes from says "have a nice day". I also support genocide of harmless animals and oppression of the fairer sex, because I love to talk about eating meat, which some view as an act of dominance over another being. Is there any way I can be helped or am I doomed to a hell reserved for carnivorous smile-rapists and will never be seen again?

You had me at “I rape.”

Anonymous asked:

What is the shitlordiest thing you've done today?

I breathed, continuing to suck up Oxygen that could be better used by more-deserving POCs, post-genital Cosmo-sexuals, Mercurykins, and (most importantly, let’s be honest) their Tumblr liberators.

ALL THE AIR will be ours someday. We’re working on the vacuum technology right now.